Welcome to Adventure Camp India! We want to ensure that all participants have a great experience, so we have some important rules and regulations that must be followed.

Firstly, we expect a high level of discipline from all participants. This includes following the trip rules, timings, and code of conduct throughout the duration of the camp.

Punctuality is of utmost importance, so please be on time for all activities and follow the instructions given by the volunteer/guide/instructor. Any misbehavior or arguing with the staff will be considered a disciplinary issue.

If there are any violations of the disciplinary rules, Adventure Camp India reserves the right to remove a participant from the camp or terminate their participation. In such cases, we will not be held responsible for any further services, return tickets, refunds, etc. Additionally, Adventure Camp India is not liable for any actions or safety concerns that may arise after a participant’s departure.

Please note that Adventure Camp India is not responsible for any internal disputes or quarrels among participants.

There are certain prohibitions and restrictions in place at the camp. Smoking, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and the use of abusive language are strictly prohibited. If anyone is found to be involved in these activities, their participation will be terminated and no further services or refunds will be provided.

When it comes to booking and payments, we accept online payments through our website or cash at our registered offices. We do not accept payments through third-party portals, agents, or mobile applications.

For local camps and national tours, a 50% advance payment is required for booking. National camps only require a 30% advance payment. Please note that this payment is non-refundable.

If you have any inquiries or need assistance with registration, our helpline is available from 10 AM to 7 PM (excluding public holidays) at +91 8460155654

However, please refer to the information on our website as the final source of information in case of any miscommunication.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the schedule of the camp may be changed or modified. Any additional expenses for accommodation, transport, or other necessities will be the responsibility of the participants. Adventure Camp India will not be held liable for these changes or any resulting costs.

No refunds will be given if a program is canceled or modified by the organization due to acts of God or unavoidable circumstances.

Transportation arrangements will be made based on seat availability. While we will try to accommodate seating preferences, we do not guarantee any special services. Train tickets are subject to availability, and the status of waiting or RAC tickets cannot be changed by Adventure Camp India.

In case of unforeseen circumstances such as being unable to reach the transport vehicle on time due to natural calamities, participants will need to arrange and bear the costs of additional accommodation and transportation. Adventure Camp India will not be responsible for these expenses.

Please note that we have a pre-decided food menu based on camp hygiene and health considerations. We are unable to accommodate individual preferences or demands. Adventure Camp India is not responsible for any health issues that may arise if a participant chooses to skip the provided food.

Before checking in or checking out, participants are requested to thoroughly check their rooms/tents. Any damages, losses, or theft of items will be the sole responsibility of the participant, and they will be required to cover the associated expenses.

Likewise, participants should inspect their assigned vehicle seats/windows before boarding. If any damage is found, it must be reported to the volunteer/instructor. Failure to report damages may result in the participant having to pay for the repairs.

We hope these rules and regulations provide clarity and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at Adventure Camp India. If you have any disputes or complaints, please contact us by emailing campindia.info@gmail.com.


Adventure Camp India provides basic First Aid Facilities all the camps and treks.
In the case of a Medical Emergency, Adventure Camp India will try to contact the emergency contact number provided by the participant.
In case the emergency contact person will not respond in time, Adventure Camp India will act as per the instructions given by the senior-most person available at the camp.
The team the try to get the best medical facilities at the earliest, however, the cost of such medical treatment, transport, etc. would be borne by the participants.
Any medical expenses for minor/major injury/sickness during the camp would not be borne by Adventure Camp India. Only an immediate first–aid facility shall be provided.
Participants will be provided with the facility of emergency health service in case no emergency family contact provided by the participant is available, but the expense shall not be bear by the Adventure Camp India.


Participants would not be allowed to share any photos or videos throughout the event for commercial use without prior permission of the organization.
The organization has the right to feature your photos for promotional events and no claim shall be entertained.

Responsibilities Of Luggage

Participants are solely responsible for his/her damage/missing luggage. Checking the luggage before and after loading and unloading shall be done on the end of the respective participant
If Invincible finds any item during the event, that would be registered under store stuff but claiming for the same will require appropriate proof.

Adventure Activities & Trekking

Participants have to carry their luggage during the trek. Adventure Camp India does not offer the facility of mules or porters or any carriers. If in case the participant is willing to hire any carrier, they are solely responsible for bearing the charges.
Trainee agrees that he participates in the Training Camp and Adventure Activities with proper medical advice and on his own will and risk. He is solely responsible for any injury or accident (minor/fatal) that taken place during the camp. Adventure Camp India is not responsible for any such cases/incidence/accidents taken place in the above-mentioned subject. He also understands the risk of wild animals and the dangerous state of water bodies nearby.
Trekking needs basic physical fitness to sustain itself throughout the trek. Instructor/guide has the right to terminate his/her summit in case they suspect any unfit participant.
During the trek, participants should follow the rules and technics of the trek and follow the principles of mountaineering.
Trek routes are best decided by Adventure Camp India, these must not be the shortcuts but these will be the most suitable ones. No participant is allowed to change the route of the trek to avail of shortcuts. No hurry to run ahead of the instructor shall be entertained.
All the participants below 18 years have to submit a consent form signed by their guardian/parents.


If during the trek, the instructor feels unsafe to carry the participant for the further trek, the instructor has the right to take the real-time action needed and can send the participant back for which no refund/return service shall be provided. Jurisdiction


I hereby agree that I am participating in this Adventure & Trekking Camp with proper medical advice on my own will & risk. I am solely responsible for any injury or accident (minor/fatal) taken place during the camp. Adventure Camp India is not responsible for any such cases/incidence/accidents taken place in the above-mentioned subject. I also understand the risk from wild animals and the dangerous state of water bodies nearby the campsite. I have agreed to the Terms and Conditions attached with this form.