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Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.

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Kruti Trivedi
August 22, 2015
Still searching for better words to describe the wonderful experience of my trekking in Dang. It was one of the best choices as everything was at its best and we couldn't have asked for more to make our trip memorable. First i would like to thank 3 people Aatif, Vivek & Dhyey who made my trip so memorable. Who were very kind, friendly and made us feel very comfortable right from the minute we first interacted with them - starting from booking, planning our itinerary, taking care of all our needs till dropping us at the bus stand. We relished the nature and surrounding which forced us to click more than 1000 snaps during our trekking... This adventure is so aesthetically done that it blends extremely well into its surroundings …It is fully surrounded by greenery ,water falls,trekking activities,Nature walk etc. last but not least thank you Vaibhavi,laxmi & vatsal ,you all are doing great job... thank you for part of my wonderful memories & helped for finding my inner strength.

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